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Fun for all kids under 16 on Dry Run Creek

Fun for all kids under 16 on Dry Run Creek

Introducing kids to fishing can be one of life’s great pleasures. It can also be a challenge, because the fish don’t always cooperate, and kids have short attention spans. Dry Run Creek offers a solution to parents wanting their kids to have an enjoyable first fishing experience.

This local kid’s fishery, and seriously one of the best in the entire USA, is getting a much needed facelift. Because of its growing popularity and the flooding 2008, Dry Run Creek needs a bit of TLC. And with some state funds, some help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and a bunch of local volunteers, through the Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, its going to be spruced up over the next couple of months.

Dry Run offers kids (and parents wanting to keep them entertained) and physically handicapped fishers a place of their own, where you can catch plenty of fish, and some amazingly big fish. Its catch and release only, and under 16 only.

For us adults it is a great place to walk the banks, enjoy the kids smiles, and spot the fish feeding. Incidentally even if your kids aren’t up for fishing from the middle of next month if you walk down the stair on the east side of Hwy 5 you can watch brown trout and rainbows leaping the falls as they make their way upstream. Better yet it’s free.

Kids and adults alike can also tour the Hatchery itself, spend a quarter and you can feed the trout, from itty-bitty babies up to some wall hanger trophies

  The increasing number of people fishing Dry Run Creek has caused the banks of the creek to become compacted and eroded, plus last year’s floods had a major impact also.  Rock structures will be created to back-up stream water, increasing the depthof the water where levels are to low to support habitat for trout.  They also plan to remove from the creek gravel and rock to widen and increase the depth in the creek.  Rock structures are to be staged on the banks to stop more erosion and backfilled both with the removed gravel from the creek and soil.  This will encorage the growth of plants and cover the exposed tree roots to reduce the loss of more trees.  A walkway will also be provided from the lower to the mid- point upstream.

The lower end of the creek will see the resources for handicap access constructed both from rock wall and lumber constructed boardwalk.

In all, it will restore and enhance in-stream trout habitat.  It will provide improved access for mobility empared anglers and provide access for kids under 16 that will minimize erosion.

Work is planned to start August 24th and hopefully will be finished by October when the trout start spawning.  If not, then work resume in the spring.

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